Job Opportunities at the Well of Life Center

The Well of Life Center is always growing and changing, according to the needs of our clients, as we work to offer you the best service possible. As we grow, we sometimes find job opportunities within our staff, as new positions are created, and positions that have been previously established are reworked. When these positions arise, we often look first to our client base to fill the opening. From time to time, we will post on this page if we have a need that we are looking to fill. We will always first go to applications that were turned in before we post on our website.

If you would ever have an interest in joining the Well of Life team, whether for a full time or part time position, please complete an application below and it will be sent to our Director of Operations, Catherine Van Schuyler. Once you do submit an application, we will follow up with you when we have a need, so please be patient in waiting for a response.

Fill out an application for employment at the Well of Life Center

Well of Life Center services


Nutrition, Chiropractic Care, Massage, and more!

Well of Life Center staff


Our friendly and talented staff are ready and waiting to greet you with a smile and meet each of your needs!

Well of Life Center locations


We are located in Doylestown and are open 6 days a week for your convenience!

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