Quit Smoking

Do you want to quit smoking?

Auriculotherapy has a proven track record for smoking cessation without harmful side effects or costly nicotine replacements.  Auriculotherapy is a procedure that utilizes the stimulation of the auricle, or external part of the ear, to help break addictive cycles in the body.

What is the connection between addictions and the ear?

This connection has to do with the flow of neurotransmitters, or chemicals, leaving your brain.  In order for you to feel good, these chemicals must be released in the correct sequence, like falling dominos.  If the sequence is interrupted, your overall feeling of well-being diminishes, which may cause you to seek mood-altering substances such as nicotine. The release of these neurotransmitters can be “recalibrated” via the stimulation of specific points in the ear. This results in a greater feeling of well-being, relaxation, and reduced cravings and/or sense of withdrawal.

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Quit smoking

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