Are your healthy foods toxic?! 

This month, our clinical team wants to equip you to use safe methods of cooking and food storage in order to protect the nutrition in your foods, rather than destroying it! Follow along!

It is easy to keep some tasty foods around in our pantries that we fully intend to avoid, but then end up snacking on when we are feeling stressed, emotional or in a time crunch. Now is the time to go ahead and rid your home of temptations that are bad choices for you and your family! When you are hungry or emotional, it is best to not even have unhealthy foods around as an option. 

Many of us are conditioned to not waste things. This is not a bad thing, except when it causes you to eat or finish something that is not a healthy choice. Ultimately, you are not just wasting, but also harming your body. If you have unhealthy food in your pantry, freezer, etc., that will tempt you to eat it, don’t put yourself in that situation anymore! Donate or dispose of it. If you consider how inexpensive unhealthy foods are, it helps put into perspective that the bigger waste occurs when we eat that food and compromise our health.

If you like to have non-organic foods (such as baking supplies or certain snacks) for company or holidays, find a place to store it that is “out of sight, out of mind.” You could place those things in a container and store it in your basement, for example. For frozen foods, make a space in the freezer and store it inside another container or bag. These simple steps help in allowing  you to make better choices and stay on track!