‘Tis the season for gathering with friends and families around meals and recipes that have been passed through your family’s generations. Holidays are most enjoyable when you are at your best, with health and energy to carry you through the hustle and bustle of hosting, shopping, and celebrating!  Follow along as our clinicians post weekly tips in preparation for HEALTHY, happy holidays!

Whether you are talking about Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, everyone loves pies around the holidays! If you are looking for a healthy dessert option, we are sharing our own recipe for a Nut Crumb pie crust this week, along with some filling ideas. If you have another pie filling recipe that you love, remember that you can get creative with ingredients to make a non-healthy recipe much better for you! Just try swapping ingredients like honey and maple syrup for the sugars and using nuts and oats in place of flour in toppings. Enjoy!

Click here for pie crust and filling recipes!

If you are looking for more holiday recipes, we have you covered! Our holiday cookbook is FULL of appetizer, dinner, and dessert recipes for the season! Shop in our offices or online here.

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