To coincide with the seasonal change, now is a good time to begin checking off some home maintenance chores. You want to be sure you are breathing in fresh, clean air on a daily basis, yet our homes can often be hiding dust, allergens and other pollutants in some rarely-cleaned places! While these areas do not require weekly cleaning, be sure to tend to them seasonally:

  1. Ceiling, desktop and floor fans can accumulate a layer of dust and grime that is then scattered into the air when the fan is turned on. 
  2. Curtains and blinds collect dust that is then blown throughout a home when windows are opened.
  3. Cushions, blankets, comforters, mattresses and pillows can all develop mold, bacteria, a build up of dirt, and even odors. Be sure to wash seasonally to avoid breathing in these pollutants when sitting or sleeping on them.
  4. Carpets and rugs house dust, dirt, and germs that are carried in on our shoes on a daily basis. Remember to launder smaller rugs and consider purchasing or renting a carpet cleaner for your larger rugs and carpets.
  5. Shower curtain liners can be host to a great deal of mold and/or mildew. Be sure to wash in hot water regularly, and even launder your decorative shower curtains semi-annually.
  6. Vacuums can become filled with all the contaminants they suck in, but many can be completely disassembled and cleaned. Keep replacement filters on hand so that you can change them out when you clean the rest of the unit.
  7. Air filters should be changed 2-4 times per year because they become hosts to mold, mildew, bacteria and dust. Ensure that filters are kept clean so that you are breathing healthy air from your vents.
  8. Ductwork can also host air pollutants and should be cleaned every few years.

We hope this list is a helpful reminder to you of places or things within your home that may need some loving attention!