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by Regional Manager Rebecca Wilwert


Possibly the number one reason why people hesitate to pursue a healthy lifestyle is the COST. Every person makes countless decisions each day that will impact their health, some conscious and some unconscious, but cost factors in to almost every one of those decisions. “Do I buy just the regular green beans, or do I spend an extra $1.25 to buy the ones with an organic label?” Perhaps this is the question you asked yourself this week. At another moment, you may have considered whether or not it would be worth the money to buy organic skin care products, or cleaning products. Maybe you are experiencing mild or severe symptoms and would love to address them holistically, but you are still left asking yourself, “Can I afford the expense?”

At the Well of Life Center, we have clients ask on a daily basis how much it will cost for them to become a client. This is a question that I can personally relate to, as my husband and I have been clients at the Well for over nine years now. When we first started as clients, we were saving money for a wedding, honeymoon, and marriage. Soon after we were married, my husband left his job to start his own company; we quickly felt the financial strain of this transition and our savings rapidly depleted as we waited for his business to grow. Over the years, we have continued to experience various phases of life that each brings its own financial goals and responsibilities.

Looking back over the past nine years, I can think of a lot of things that have cost quite a bit! It seems like bills come more and more frequently and more and more things cost more and more. When I try to think about where our money has gone, I think of the car bills, the rent checks, and the credit card bills that always seemed to have so many more transactions than I remembered taking place. I do not, however, think of the vacations, because they have always been worth the investment to me. I love to go away with my husband and see new places, relax, and enjoy his company. How can I put a price tag on that?!

Just like our vacations have never felt like a financial burden to me, our commitment to health has never carried a price tag in my mind. I cannot honestly say how much it has cost me to be a client at the Well of Life, or to purchase nutrient-dense food that fuels my body, or to choose local businesses to support when I shop for my family’s needs. I have never felt like it cost me anything to make choices that gave me quality of life. When I pay for my husband’s chiropractic appointments, I do not notice an expense. I instead see a financial savings because he no longer takes days off of work due to back pain. When I purchase nutrition, I am thankful to recall that I no longer suffer with allergic reactions and severe asthma symptoms, and I instead have an abundance of energy and vitality of life!

How much does it cost to be a client at the Well of Life? I would say nothing. There is no cost involved; there is only an investment. Just like investing money in real estate is intended to produce financial gain, investing money in your health promises to yield its own reward: quality of life. This is a priceless reward! Without quality of life, we cannot even enjoy all the other things we are spending money on, like cars, education, housing, vacations, etc. So instead of asking how much it costs to be healthy, let’s change the question. The real question is….

How much is your life worth to you?

Rebecca Wilwert
Regional Manager

Our Wellness Services

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A chemical peel is a technique which involves the application of a variety of chemical solutions to remove the damaged outer layers of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture may be used to nourish, rehydrate, and tone your skin, while reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and improving the skin’s elasticity.


Microdermabrasion removes dead and flaking skin and stimulates the production of young skin cells and collagen.


Our infrared sauna creates a blend of wavelengths that have been shown to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature, aid in weight loss, and so much more!


This relaxing, therapeutic foot bath helps detoxify the body at a cellular level and restore balance to all of the body’s systems.

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