by Associate Clinician Alicia Leonhardt

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There are 30 days until Christmas, the celebration of the birth of our Savior.  Within this month, we will celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, have many family, friend, and work gatherings, experience lots of cooking baking and swaps, attend Christmas plays, and, of course, complete hours of shopping.  In the midst of all of the hustle and bustle, here are 30 ideas, one for each day left, of how to best prepare yourself for the holidays.

  1. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water!  Drink half of your body weight in ounces per day (for example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be drinking 75 ounces of water each day).  For every 1 ounce of diuretic you drink (such as coffee, tea, etc.), you should take in an additional 1.5 ounces of water!
  2. Drink apple cider vinegar tea to aid in digestion and help your body detoxify.
  3. Do dry skin brushing, and make sure you keep your body moving to keep your lymph flowing, and your immune system strong.
  4. Take epsom salt baths.  Fill your tub with water as hot as you can stand it; add 1-2 cups of epsom salts.  Soak in the bath for 20 minutes.  Finish with a 10-second rinse of cold water in the shower, followed by a 10-second rinse of hot water.  Repeat the rinsing cycle, and complete your bath with one final 10-second cold rinse.
  5. Schedule an appointment at the Well of Life Center before Christmas to make sure you are feeling optimal.  Then, schedule a follow-up appointment after the holidays to help with any clean up, if necessary.
  6. Attend or watch any lecture to learn more about the functioning of your body, and save 5% as a client!  We are hosting Mythbusters: The Skinny on Cholesterol in Bethelehem on December 8th, and in Doylestown on December 17th; Healthy Lifestyles matinee in all offices on December 9th; The Power of Posture in Ottsville on December 14th; and Fat Facts matinee in all offices on December 16th.
  7. Use chemical-free cleaning and body care products.  If you are unsure about where to find personal care products, we have them available for purchase at our Well Spa in Ottsville!
  8. Use proper cooking and baking materials.  Stainless steel, glass, and cast iron are good options.  Avoid non-stick and aluminum materials.
  9. For recipe ideas, purchase a Well of Life cookbook.
  10. Attend our Holiday Sweets cooking class on December 12th for more ideas and a fun time!
  11. Replace your white refined sugar with coconut sugar, sucanat, maple syrup, or raw honey.  Generally, these may be substituted at a 1:1 ratio, but you may find you do not need as much as the recipe calls for!
  12. Stick to eating the Clean 15, and avoid the Dirty Dozen produce.
  13. Eat grass-fed beef or bison, pasture-raised chicken and eggs, and wild-caught cold water fish.
  14. Avoid foods with hydrogenated oils, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, and artificial colors and flavors.
  15. Eat something at home before going to a party to help curb your desire for non-Well of Life approved foods – and drink a big glass of water!
  16. Replace your vegetable and canola oils with health oils like coconut oil and butter from grass-fed cows, which are both great for baking and cooking at high temperatures, as well as olive oil, which is great to roast with.
  17. Take a healthy side dish to a party and inform others how you made it and why, instead of feeling ashamed or deprived of eating the unhealthy food choices there.
  18. Eat nice and slowly so that you are able to digest your food properly.  Chew each bite 30 times before swallowing!
  19. Make your gatherings about fellowship with friends and family instead of how much you can eat.
  20. If you have a “cheat,” get back on track the following day instead of falling off the bandwagon for a while.
  21. Buy a Well of Life gift certificate for someone you love.  Gift certificates are available for any modality, from nutrition, to a massage or facial, or even a fitness class.  There is something for everyone!
  22. Host a nutritional gathering to save you some money and inform your friends and family about what we to at the Well of Life Center.
  23. Instead of candy and sweets, stuff your child’s stocking with small card games of different kinds, journals, pens/pencils/markers/crayons, CDs, or DVDs.
  24. Purchase doTerra’s On Guard essential oil blend and add to a glass spray bottle to help keep your home free of germs and smelling like Christmas!  On Guard is available at the front desk of any Well of Life office.
  25. Come to our Well Spa Grand Opening on December 12th for great gift ideas and to earn prizes.
  26. Schedule a chiropractic appointment to be sure that your spine is in proper alignment and to ease any tension that may be settling in your back and neck.
  27. Take advantage of our holiday fitness special and schedule yourself for an unlimited number of fitness classes for the month of December – for just $60!
  28. Order a Norwex hand sanitizer for all of your shopping excursions.
  29. Check out some good local restaurants for those times when you eat out instead of cooking!
  30. Now that you have read through this list, you may want to schedule an NET appointment with Emily to help you emotionally get through the holidays! 🙂

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