Our Staff

Cynthia Hofmann-Coale, NTP, CNHP

Cynthia Hofmann-Coale, NTP, CNHP

Owner and Critical & Chronic Care Clinician
Certified in Autonomic Response Testing

God gave Cynthia Hofmann-Coale the commission to walk away from the medical community after spending 7 months under their care. It was during this time that she surrendered to the technology offered by the medical community in hopes that she would receive the eradication of the ulcerative colitis and cancerous cells found in her colon. When told at the end of the 7th month that her body was failing to go into remission and either surgery or an increase in infusions would need to be performed, Cynthia felt led by the Lord to go back to what she knew, natural health.

After a series of inspired interventions, she was brought to the understanding that it was neither the colitis nor the cancer that was taking her life, but the very presence of a water borne parasite that had gone systemic (active in the bloodstream) that was robbing her body of the nutrients and vitality that was necessary to obtain optimal health. It was at this time that she was introduced to the art of Muscle Response Testing.

Being an active participant in the rebuilding, restructuring and the re-establishment of her broken 85 lb body using the means of God’s intention in that process was notably both challenging and inspiring. It was during this time that God gave her the vision of healing and how he would be using all that she was going through for her good and His glory (Romans 8:28). While this process went on for sometime, she was able to develop her own skills in Nutrition Response Testing and acquire the educational background necessary to in turn bring it to God’s children. And so the inspiration for the Well of Life Center was established.

Victoria Fisher, RN, NTP

Senior Clinician
Certified in Autonomic Response Testing

Victoria Fisher came to the Well of Life Center in August 2009 for the symptoms of migraines, chronic fatigue and poor quality of sleep. Since coming to the Well Victoria has experienced healing from migraines, increased energy, and improved over-all health. Victoria started working at the Well in April of 2010 as an Associate Clinician.

“I had suffered with daily headaches and frequent, severe migraines since I was 12 years old. I had been to numerous doctors, had countless diagnostics tests, but had no answers as to why I had migraines. I was on medication intended to prevent them, but was still having them three times a week. And the medication came with uncomfortable side effects. I was miserable!

I am a registered nurse and have a degree in biology, so I put my trust in my doctors, in medicine. I thought medicine would heal me. But it didn’t; the medical community failed me. I was tired of suffering and desperate for relief. I reluctantly came to the Well after my mother begged me to give it a try. Thank God I did! Within 3 months of being a client, I was off my medication, I no longer had daily headaches, and the migraines were greatly diminished.

My dream as a child was to be a doctor, to help people through medicine, so I never for a second thought I would work in the holistic community. Apparently, the Lord had other plans. BY coming to the Well, I learned that I could carry out my dream to help people find healing in a much better way. I have been called to be a clinician, and I can say with certainty that I have found my purpose!”


Felicia Pasquale, NTP

Associate Clinician

Felicia Pasquale came to the Well of Life Center in August 2007 for severe lifelong allergies and asthma. After 40 years she just enjoyed her first spring free of all medications and allergy shots. Felicia started working at the Well of Life in August 2010 as a Clinician’s Assistant, and began seeing clients as an Associate Clinician in May of 2012.

“The Well of Life has not only enabled my physical healing, but also offered emotional and spiritual strength. Since starting at the Well, the staff has opened their warm, loving arms in welcome. They are more like family than co-workers. I feel such peace and satisfaction knowing that clients are finally experiencing true healing and improved overall well being.”


Jon Gindhart, DC


Dr. Jon Gindhart came to the Well of Life in January 2011. Dr. Jon has a passion for helping his patients and knows that proper nutrition is an integral part of overall health and well being. Prior to working at The Well, Dr. Jon was trying to ‘do it all’ for his patients…chiropractic, nutritional counseling, and exercise coaching. Quickly he found out that it would be best to partner with other experts in those areas instead of trying to re-invent the wheel.

“I am so excited to be part of a healing center that truly honors every client and whose desire is to see every person achieve optimal physical and spiritual health.”


Christa Haines, NTP

Associate Clinician

Christa Haines came to the Well of Life Center in October of 2007 for major symptoms of IBS. As a result of the IBS, she suffered fatigue, malnutrition, anemia and weight loss. After two weeks of starting her nutritional program, she was able to eat foods that she could not have had for seven years. Her IBS symptoms were gone after a few months. With a new zeal for life she made better changes for herself and her family. Christa began working at the WOL in May of 2013 as a Clinician’s Assistant and now serves clients as an Associate Clinician.

“I have been passionate about natural health for a long time. I am so excited and blessed to help people find hope and support through natural healing. There is a lot of love here and it is exciting to be a part of something so uniquely dynamic!”


Alicia Leonhardt, NTP

Associate Clinician

Alicia came to the Well of Life Center in January of 2012 suffering from hair loss, fatigue, type 1 diabetes, heavy bleeding and blood clots, and occasional headaches. She began working as a Clinician’s Assistant in November 2013, and as an Associate Clinician in October of 2015.

“I heard about the Well for years before being able to come as a client. I changed my diet and it made a little difference. After coming as a client, I was able to understand why I was feeling and experiencing different things and it started making sense. I am on a journey to get off of insulin completely and I am excited about that outcome! The amounts that are needed have decreased in half after coming to the well…. but I still have some work to do with getting my organ systems to be able to communicate well together.  I am so thankful that I’ve been given this opportunity to be able to truly help my body heal, and also to be a part of such an amazing workplace where we see God’s healing hand affecting so many lives on a daily basis!


Kate Amato, NTP

Associate Clinician

Kate Amato came to the Well of Life Center for fatigue, digestive issues, and overall system health. After gaining a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, she knew her body was not functioning the way it was designed to, and desired a better quality. As the daughter of Well of Life owner Cynthia Hofmann-Coale, Kate had seen first-hand how nutrition can truly heal and rebuild a broken body, and knew it was how she wanted to support her body as well. Kate has been part of the Well of Life since it began, working summers and holiday breaks during her college years. She later became a full time employee, and has worked as a Receptionist, Clinician’s Assistant, Client Advocate, and Office Manager. She became an Associate Clinician in November of 2015.

“I’m so thrilled to be working at the Well of Life and to be part of a team that uplifts and encourages one another, as well as our clients. The hearts of the employees at the Well amaze me, and I love how every day we can be used to encourage and support each client that walks through our doors.”

Amy Bacon, RN

Associate Clinician
Certified in Autonomic Response Testing

Amy came to the Well of Life Center in July of 2015 for hormonal imbalances and low energy.  Within the first couple of months, her menstrual cycle normalized and she was no longer suffering from PMS.  Her husband says, “Thanks!”  Amy began working at the Well of Life Center in October of 2015 as a Critical Care Assistant, and became an Associate Clinician in April of 2017.

“I am so grateful God brought me to the Well of Life as a client and an employee.  Every day at the Well is an opportunity to learn more and a privilege to watch each client’s journey of healing.”

Dr. Vladimir Alhov, MD


Dr. Alhov came to the Well of Life Center in June of 2017 as a Physician.

“My passion for holistic medicine developed as a result of a personal medical condition. In recent years, I have been able to restore my health by utilizing a holistic approach. My physical and mental health is now better than it was 5 years ago. My approach decreases the risk of age-related disease, improves sleep quality, increases physical and sexual vitality, and keeps the body lean and strong. This is accomplished through customized diet and nutritional support, medical detoxification, manual therapy, injections, and patient education.”

Catherine Van Schuyler

Director of Operations

Catherine Van Schuyler came to the Well of Life in January 2009 after suffering a heart attack at the age of 39. She had been suffering for years with the symptoms of lupus, arthritis, allergies, asthma, depression and anxiety, metal toxicity, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Since coming to the Well, she is off all medications and feels great! Catherine started working at the Well of Life in August 2009 as their part time bookkeeper and now works full time as Director of Operations.

“God has such an amazing love for his people to create such a place as this. Ever since my first visit as a client, I have prayed for a way to be a part of this amazing team. What a blessing to come to work everyday and be a small part of His great plan. Praise God.”

Rebecca Wilwert

Regional Manager

Rebecca Wilwert came to the Well of Life in May 2007 for allergies, asthma, fatigue and overall lack of energy. Rebecca started working at the Well of Life in May 2007 as a Clinician’s Assistant. She worked as our Front Desk morning Receptionist for many years, and is currently our Office Administrator.

“It is a daily blessing to work at the Well of Life Center and share with our clients the health and wellness that has made such a difference in my own life.”

Kim Rineer

Doylestown Facility Manager

Kim Rineer came to the Well of Life Center in February of 2012 suffering from the symptoms of digestive issues, acne, frequent migraines, and an overall lack of energy. She began working as a Clinician’s Assistant in March of 2013 before switching to become a Client Advocate in May of the same year.

“God clearly opened the door for me to work here at the Well of Life Center. I have seen my own life change since becoming a client, and it is a joy to play a small part in helping others in their own journey to health and wellness.”

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works, my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14

Karen Cochrane

Bethlehem Facility Manager

Karen Cochrane came to the Well of Life Center in May of 2012 after a diagnosis of a slow thyroid, acid reflux, fatigue, and headaches; for all of these symptoms, she was taking five different medications. Within one week, she no longer had acid reflux or headaches, and she now only takes 1 ½ medications. She began working at the Well as a receptionist in May of 2014.

“I thank our Lord every day for this wonderful opportunity to work at the Well of Life. The healing is amazing and I feel truly blessed to be a part of ‘Team Well’.”

Cori Rittenhouse


Cori Rittenhouse came to the Well of Life Center in February of 2009 with symptoms of anemia: fatigue, dizziness, light-headedness, and occasional headaches. Within two weeks of starting the program, she noticed that she had more energy and was able to meet the stresses of everyday life. She even noticed a feeling of overall well-being, which she had previously never realized was missing. She began working at the Well in April of 2009 as the Client Advocate, and became our Marketing Manager in November of 2010.

“When I began working at the Well, it did not take long for me to realize that every day is a new opportunity to learn; all we must do is open our eyes to see what God will reveal to us.”

Jessica Montero


Jessica Montero became a client of the Well of Life Center in December of 2011 while undergoing long-term antibiotic treatment for recurrent C. diff, which was caused by a combination of Cipro and Clindamycin, prescribed by her physician.

“When my doctors told me there was nothing more they could do to cure the infection, I came to the Well of Life. Having been cured of C. diff by the Well’s holistic methods, I now feel blessed to join the wonderful people that God has chosen to help others on their path to full health.”

Jessica began working as a Front Desk Receptionist in March of 2013.

Ginnie Bennett


Ginnie Bennett started working at the Well of Life in 2009 as a Cooking Class Instructor. She started working as our Receptionist in the Doylestown Office in May 2010.

“I learned about the Well of Life through a woman in my Bible study. She was a young woman who had been cured of rheumatoid arthritis and my husband was having issues with his hands. He was willing to try anything so he first came to the Well. I being the skeptic decided to watch from the sidelines before I made the drastic changes that he was.

After a year of seeing the changes to this health I decided to give it a try. I was still skeptical but began losing weight and feeling much more energy, we did the Boot Camp together in the Fall of 2008 and after that experience I was sold on how beneficial these changes to diet etc. can be.

I began getting educated through the cooking classes and lectures and found a whole new world of food choices open up to me. I am so pleased when at my age I have more energy than my daughters who are in their 20’s and I am fully able to enjoy playing with my young grandchildren. I want to leave to my children and grandchildren a legacy of health and wellness.”

Taylor Spiess


Taylor Spiess came to the Well of Life Center in February of 2013 to learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle, and for minor skin and digestive issues. Right away she started learning more about healthy habits and gaining a better sense of what it means and looks like to be healthy nutritionally.

“The opportunity to be working at the Well of Life Center is a blessing. The Lord opens so many doors to speak truth about health into my life and the lives of others, and the Well of Life Center does just that. I am so thankful for His grace and the healing we have through Jesus Christ.”

Tracy Bench


Tracy Bench started working at the Well of Life Center in April of 2016 as a Receptionist.

“I feel like I’ve been lovingly welcomed into a family here at the Well of Life. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and right here and now, I am meant to be here. I look forward to learning and growing, surrounded by such wonderful people!”

Debbie Papson

Customer Service

Debbie Papson came to the Well of Life Center in August 2010 for fibromyalgia symptoms and general feeling of not being herself. Debbie started working at the Well of Life in Customer Service in November of 2010.

“I have always been interested in health related issues. The Well’s approach to wellness and health is extremely different than anything I have come across. It’s a simple common sense approach. Everyone at the Well has a passion for what they are doing. How wonderful to find and be able to work for a place such as this!”

Rachel Kemmerer

Customer Service

Rachel Kemmerer came to the Well of Life Center in June of 2011 experiencing fatigue, leg pain, chest pain, stomach pain, and a sensitivity to certain foods. She began working at our Front Desk in February of 2013.

“I was excited to start working at the Well of Life because I had seen the results of God at work in my own life. He had brought healing to me through the Well of Life, and I am so blessed to be a small part of the work He is doing in others.”

Ronna Davis

Customer Service

Ronna first came to the Well of Life Center in 2016 for a massage. She started working at the Well in May of 2017 in our Customer Service department.

“I have been very interested in a better way of life, as in living a more natural lifestyle, and learning all I can about it – and what better way to do that than to work here! The staff are really nice and it is such a great, pleasant work environment. I couldn’t be happier. It’s such a blessing to work at such a wonderful place!”

Leah Molinari

Customer Service

Leah came to the Well of Life in June of 2016 for a variety of autoimmune and food sensitivity issues. She began working in our Customer Service department in May of 2017.

“When I first come here as a client, I felt in so many ways like I was coming home. For the first time, not only could someone explain what was going on in my body, but they also knew the methods and nutrition applied over time that would help to heal it. The Well is a true blessing, and I will always be grateful that it came into my life when it did.”

Rosie Gustafson

Receptionist and Client Advocate

Rosie began working at the Well of Life in April of 2017 as a Receptionist and Client Advocate.

“I had been searching for a holistic center where I could combine my experience and passions, but more importantly, learn and grow. After actively researching the Well, I am truly blessed to have become a part of it! I look forward to my time here, and all of the opportunities that come with being part of such an inspiring place.”

Melissa Hafler

Client Advocate

Melissa came to the Well of Life Center in November of 2012 for a healthier lifestyle and to stop chronic sinus infections. She started working at the Well in May of 2016 as a Client Advocate.

“Within the first month of coming here, I felt so much better, and I have not had a sinus infection since!”

Caitlin Thompson

Client Advocate

Caitlin came to the Well of Life Center in March of 2015 with the symptoms of a really bad flare-up of a genetic disease called Darier’s Disease. Caitlin was diagnosed with this disease at 8 years old, and has tried numerous doctors and prescriptions to no avail! It was exciting to her that the Well wanted to support her healing from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Caitlin started working at the Well in July of 2015 as a Clinician’s Assistant.

“The Well is so, so different from any other place of employment. The day starts with prayer, putting God first, asking for guidance and understanding. It is such a refreshing take on approaching the ‘daily grind.’ It may be hectic or crazy busy, but the peace of God is always very palpable here at the Well.”

Carolyn Trymbiski

Critical Care Assistant

Carolyn started working at the Well of Life in January of 2017 as a Critical Care Assistant.

“I was called to the Well to help people in their natural healing journey. The Well is a special place that possesses brilliantly knowledgeable staff, and it is a privilege to be a part of our clients’ progress in health and healing. I feel truly blessed to be here.”

Brittany Lamina

Critical Care Assistant

Brittany started working at the Well of Life in May of 2017 as a Critical Care Assistant.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be working in a field I am interested in with such wonderful people. I am thankful to have such a fulfilling job helping people every day with their health and healing process.”

Dana Romberger

Clinician’s Assistant

Dana began working at the Well of Life Center in January of 2017 as a Clinician’s Assistant.

“Every day at the Well brings an opportunity to learn, and to better one’s quality of life in the safest way possible. From the first day, I have felt welcomed as a part of the team, which is kind of like a family. I count it a blessing to be able to work alongside the Well to help all sorts of people with a more natural approach to healthcare.”

Nicole Zimmerman

Clinician’s Assistant

Nicole came to the Well of Life Center in 2010 to learn how to live a healthier life. She also had some minor health concerns, such as headaches, that she wanted to prevent. She began working as a Clinician’s Assistant in June of 2014.

“I love the energy and attitude of serving God that the Well has. The Well allows me to continue to grow spiritually and learn new healthy habits. It’s amazing what our bodies can do, and to know that God designed them that way.”

Donna Shaw

Clinician’s Assistant

Donna Shaw came to the Well of Life in October of 2015 with symptoms of Lyme Disease. After suffering from over 60 symptoms for decades with no help from the medical community, she discovered the Well of Life. Today, she no longer has a constant feeling of complete exhaustion, which had limited her ability to participate in life’s adventures for so many years. She now has hope for complete healing. Donna started working at the Well of Life in April of 2016 as a Receptionist.

“I truly believe that God has led me to the Well of Life. I’ve been incorporating holistic lifestyle changes for four years, but there was something missing. As soon as I learned of the Well, I knew it was my answer to healing. With my background in nutrition and my new passion for holistic healing, I knew I wanted to be a part of this caring community, bringing hope and healing to others!”

Morgan Perez

Clinician’s Assistant

Morgan started working at the Well in January of 2017 as a Clinician’s Assistant.

“Life at the Well, so far, has been an exciting and educating journey. I have learned so much and continue to learn every day about the human body and mind, and how we all have the ability to heal when on proper nutrition and the right path.”

Laura Pasquale

Clinician’s Assistant

Laura came to the Well of Life in 2008 for allergies, digestive issues, and constant stomach aches. Laura started working at the Well in July of 2016 as a Clinician’s Assistant.

“When I was 8 years old, I would come along with my mom to her appointments at the Well of Life. I would sit there sneezing, coughing, and with a stomach ache. One appointment, Cynthia decided to check me instead of my mom. That day marked the start of my true healing. Within time, my allergies were no longer severe, and I could eat without getting a stomach ache.

“Even though I am one of the youngest employees, I feel right at home. I am forever grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.”

Belkis Gonzales

Clinician’s Assistant

Belkis started working at the Well of Life Center in August of 2016 as a Clinician’s Assistant.

“Coming to work for the Well has been a blessing for me. I was at a point in my life where I felt like there was much more that I should be doing. Working at the Well helps me serve our Lord, our Clinicians, and our clients, allowing me to feel purposeful and at peace with myself. Everyone at the Well is so amazing, welcoming, and knowledgeable.”

Elisa Brnich

Well Spa Manager, Esthetician

Elisa started working at the Well Spa in April of 2017 as an Esthetician and Spa Manager.

“I am so happy to be a part of the Well of Life family, because my beliefs align with the Center’s beliefs, and I am passionate about the importance of using natural products and treatments.”

Sophia Simon


Sophia brings great knowledge and understanding of holistic health care as it relates to Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, and Acupuncture. She practices from the approach that optimum health can be obtained by eliminating the root of the problem and balancing the body’s energy. Sophia has studied and practiced in India as well as New York and Pennsylvania.

Emily Urie

Acupuncturist and NET Practitioner

Emily Urie started working at the Well of Life in July 2010 as a Front Desk Receptionist and Acupuncturist. In October of 2013, she became the Well’s first Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner.

“Within days of working at the Well, I knew I was being welcomed into a loving family with an earnest desire to help and heal others. I can’t wait to see what the Well and I have to offer each other!”

Cheryl Lombardi

CranioSacral Therapist

Cheryl began working for the Well of Life as a CranioSacral Practitioner in March of 2012.

“Working at the Well is a joy. Working with like-minded people whose focus is serving others and supporting their natural way of life is a blessing. As a client, the understanding and knowledge of the practitioners in helping me get rid of my chronic conditions are greatly appreciated.”

Kim Geib

Well Spa Esthetician, Massage Therapist

Kim provides extensive knowledge and passion for skin care and aesthetics. She seeks to educate all her clients through her expertise and experience. The most important aspect of Kim’s work is teaching her clients about skin care and helping them attain their wellness goals. Kim has been a licensed Esthetician for twenty years, a massage therapist for over ten years, and also a health coach. She brings her incredible wealth of knowledge with her to the Well Spa.

Kelly Smith

Well Spa Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Certified Oncology Massage Therapist

Kelly began working at the Well Spa in April of 2017 as an Esthetician and Massage Therapist.

“To be honest, I had never heard of the Well of Life Center, and when a friend told me about it, she suggested I contact them. After doing so, I came to realize that ‘sometimes things happen for a reason.’ While working in the corporate world for years, I felt so ‘burned out,’ among other things, and I needed to make a change, so I put myself through Massage School and Cosmetology School. I am now a Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician, and trained in Oncology Massage. When the opportunity arose for me to start working at the Well, I knew this was where I was supposed to be. I look forward to learning, growing, and being surrounded by an amazing group of knowledgeable and compassionate people who will not only inspire me, but help me to share in the journey that the Well brings.”

Denisse Marquez

Well Spa Esthetician, Certified Oncology Esthetician

Denisse began working at the Well of Life Center in July of 2015 as an Esthetician with the Well Spa.

Denisse graduated from Roman Academy of Beauty Culture in 2009 for esthetics. She also has experience as a make-up artist through a work study in New York City. Her favorite services are facials and Brazilian waxes.

“My favorite part of work is that it doesn’t feel like work…it’s fun! I meet clients from all walks of life and it is an encouragement to me when I can help the client’s day be a little better, like a dose of sunshine.”

Patty Hartman

Well Spa Esthetician

Patty’s passion to help improve her clients’ physiological and psychological well-being through proper skin care, healthy living, and relaxing treatments permeates her life. Her empathy and ability to help others is the hallmark of her character, and what led her to become an esthetician. Her favorite treatment to provide is Microdermabrasion, because of the multiple benefits for stimulating collagen production and rapid cellular renewal. Patty also provides facials, facial waxing, eyebrow and lash tinting, microdermabrasion, and peels.

Tara Topakbashian

Fitness Instructor

Tara came to the Well of Life Center in November of 2013 after battling with irregular menstrual cycles, digestive distress, and weight gain. After only a year, she was on the fast track to healing, and joined the team as a Fitness Instructor in 2014, coupling her passion for physical fitness with her desire to help others achieve such success and healing.

“I have always been active, but it was only a few years ago that I really found my passion for physical fitness. I believe my struggle that led me to the Well was of divine intervention to direct me to help others achieve their optimal healing.”

Barbi Fury

Pilates Instructor

Barbi loves working with clients at all levels, from beginner through advanced, but her specialty is working with the injured client, whether that client is dealing with a chronic physical condition or more recent acute injury. She enjoys the challenge of evaluating the physical body when it is not working in an efficient and balanced fashion, and then devising a plan that will help to stabilize, strengthen, and regain healthy functional movement to the injured area and balance to the whole body.

Barbi Fury was trained and fully certified through the Kane School of Core Integration in New York City and holds additional certifications in Prenatal Pilates, Pilates and Osteoporosis, and Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Pilates. Class sizes are kept small to allow for more personal experience and a deeper connection to the body and the core principles of the Pilates method. Her understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and common injuries will make even the most hesitant client feel confident that they can have a safe movement experience while building strength, balance, coordination, and body awareness during a class or private session.

“I love being able to witness the profound changes that happen with a consistent Pilates practice, both physically and emotionally, as clients begin to realize the beautiful strength and balance that they possess within.”

Sharon Rudda

Pilates and Ballet Instructor

Sharon began working at the Well of Life Center in August of 2015 as a Ballet Barre and Mat Pilates instructor. She trained at Bravo! Dance in Wilkes-Barre, PA under the direction of Trinette Singleton, formerly of Joffrey Ballet. Sharon has a B.A. degree in Performing Arts with a focus in Ballet from La Roche College in Pittsburgh, PA. She has performed with Roxey Ballet, Repertory Dance Theatre, Bucks County Playhouse, and Washington Crossing Open Air Theatre. In 2014, Sharon received her Pilates Mat Certification from the Kane School offsite campus in Doylestown, PA under the training of Barbi Fury.

“I enjoy working with people of all ages to improve their quality of movement and to obtain a more balanced muscular recruitment pattern.”