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“My son, Jael, suffered from many skin and allergy issues since birth including eczema, hives, rashes, and staph infections. By the age of 2, he had painful open sores covering his body from head to toe, oozing with liquid. He scratched himself to sleep every night, and woke up with blood on his sheets daily. He wore long-sleeved shirts and pants all year long, and could not swim or take baths without screaming. Since birth, he has been on countless medications, antibiotics, steroids, and OTC drugs. In the first two years of his life, he saw so many specialists, allergists, and doctors, but we did not see any permanent changes or get real answers. They prescribed different medications and steroid creams, and as his parents, we did what the doctors said. The steroids worked temporarily, but after a few days, his skin would return to its ‘normal’ state. It was horrific to watch, and he went through daily torture that we thought would never end, which caused emotional stress for all of us. We knew that this could not continue, and we felt like we were on a never-ending path of medication, empty promises, temporary relief, and no answers as to WHY his skin was in this condition. We were desperate.

“We found out about the Well of Life Center when Jael was almost 3 years old. We were very skeptical about Nutrition Response Testing and holistic health in general, and we were not living a clean eating/healthy lifestyle at the time. We knew we had no other choice, and we took a leap of faith, made an appointment, and left it in God’s hands.

“After Jael’s first appointment, we came home with more answers than any doctor was ever able to give us. We also came home with something far more valuable than answers; we came home with a sense of HOPE. We knew that if we followed this path, and committed to it, Jael would one day be well. After several months of following a specific protocol of supplements, diet changes, and nutritional visits, we noticed major changes. He was more calm and well-behaved, he was happier, having consistent daily bowel movements, and was overall healthier and stronger. We knew there was still a long way to go for his skin to be better, but we learned that his body had to heal from the inside first. His body had to heal one organ system at a time, and work at its own pace. It was not a quick fix. His skin went through many changes, and we had to work hard to keep him comfortable through the detox symptoms. He could not tolerate every day chemicals like detergents, scents, cleaning products, and even chemicals and pesticides in foods because his detox organs were so overly stressed. There were moments of despair and doubt, wondering if we would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. But we persevered and continued to believe the process. By God’s grace, and a really amazing clinician who LOVES my son, we made it to the other side.

“Jael is 5 years old now, and he is a completely different child. He is calm, sleeps through the night, wears tank tops and shorts in the summer, swims in the ocean, enjoys bath time, and has beautiful, manageable, healthy skin. His skin is not perfect, but it’s close enough! He is educated about eating healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle. He is eczema- and allergy-free. He is steroid- and medication-free. He hasn’t been to a traditional doctor in 2 years, and his body is healthy enough to fight off unwanted visitors naturally. To us, this is nothing short of a miracle and true healing! We are BEYOND thankful. God is good.”


Bleigh G.

“I’ve struggled with TMJ for years. Severely. I’m a clencher and a pretty intense person in general, which causes me to clench my teeth/jaw without even realizing it. And then it’s too late. Severe headaches and pain ensue, and nothing helps. My dentist, who is amazing, has done everything she can for me. I have a night guard, which I’ve chomped through. It basically became something I just had to live with every day, short of having surgery to break my jaw and retrain it. No thank you. BUT…I am THRILLED to say that a miracle has occurred in my life thanks to the Well of Life Center. Using Nutrition Response Testing, they were able to find natural supplements that were perfect for my body to help heal my jaw. I’ve tried many things over the years and nothing has given me relief like what the Well has given me. This, for me, is truly a miracle, and I cannot begin to thank them enough. When you deal with severe chronic pain daily, finding relief makes you feel like a whole new person! And, when I told my dentist that I was finally getting continuous relief, she was thrilled too, and agreed that she’s seen others who went a natural route find relief as well. I honestly wasn’t sure I’d ever find anything that would help, but am just so thankful for my clinicians at the Well and for their love, care, and persistence in helping me to live to my full potential.”

Melissa S.

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