Well of Life Specials

Massage Specials

for October and November 2017

Express Reflexology with Aromatherapy

Treat those tired feet! This session is designed to induce a state of complete relaxation! Pressure will be applied on the feet with use of essential oils to provide a deep release of tension.
Special: 30 minutes for $40

Cupping Massage

During a one hour massage treatment, your therapist will begin with cupping therapy for your back for the first 20 minutes, followed by a 40 minute massage. Cupping is a therapy in which suction is used on the skin’s surface. This causes the tissues to release toxins, activates the lymphatic system, smooths the appearance of cellulite, and relaxes tightened muscles and fascia, in addition to many other benefits.
Special: 60 minutes for $85

Pumpkin Massage & Foot Treatment

Enjoy the aromatherapy of the season with our signature Pumpkin massage and foot scrub! During a relaxing massage, your therapist will use our pumpkin aromatherapy oils to soothe your skin, de-stress your muscles, and lift your senses. During the last fifteen minutes of your treatment, the therapist will use a combination of hot towels and our delightful sea salt pumpkin foot scrub to exfoliate, and will then finish with a pumpkin spice shea butter cream for ultimate hydration. Your feet and body will thank you!
Special: 60 minutes for $90 or 90 minutes for $125

All massage specials expire on November 30th, 2017. Please mention “Massage Specials” when booking.

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