Metabolic Balance

Would you like to lose weight naturally and improve your health and quality of life?

It’s time for you to get balanced!

Improper nutrition can cause metabolic and hormonal imbalances which may result in weight gain and other disorders. To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, your body requires specific nutrients. The best approach to balance your unique metabolism is an individualized program!

What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic Balance is a personalized program based on more than 20 years of clinical research and practical experience. Your program is based on your personal profile, which takes into account such information as your body measurements, likes and dislikes, medications, diseases, and an analysis of more than 30 of your unique blood values. This is then used to develop an individualized nutrition plan.

The Metabolic Balance plan brings your metabolism back into balance without any cravings. Specific natural combinations of complex carbs and high quality proteins will improve your senses of taste and smell as your body regains its natural sense of hunger and true satiety. And the best part: you will feel revitalized and energized, and your clothing size will begin shrinking!

Metabolic Balance allows you to enjoy a newly invigorated lifestyle in which you are able to manage your weight for the rest of your life!

What can I expect?

Each Metabolic Balance program is divided into 4 phases. Starting with a short 2-day preparation phase, your body is gently prepared for the nutritional changes and detoxification to come. During the 2nd phase, you will take off! For a minimum of two weeks, you enjoy the foods exclusively selected for you. In phase 3, you incorporate additional foods into your diet. Phase 4 starts when you have reached your personal goal and, by adhering to our 8 golden rules, you can maintain your new healthy weight, permanently.

Lose weight, balance your hormones, and become healthy the natural way!

Metabolic Balance is for anyone, anywhere!

You do not have to be a client of the Well of Life Center, and we can work with you remotely! Our certified Metabolic Balance coaches are also certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, so they are able to monitor your overall health and wellness journey, and offer nutritional advice and holistic lifestyle and cooking suggestions to help you achieve your goals even faster!

Do you think Metabolic Balance might be for you? The first step is getting all the information you need from our Client Advocates. Simply fill out the form below!

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I have lost 25 pounds! I have great energy, more focus and mental clarity, and I feel more emotionally stable. I am on the right track to balancing my hormones, and my pain, inflammation, and edema are greatly reduced. I am so fascinated by this program and how it was tailor-made just for me. I am so thankful that I now know exactly what foods promote my health and healing. I think this has been the missing link in my healing journey here at the Well!


I’ve lost 17 pounds and counting! I have also noticed a huge shift in my energy levels as well as mood swings. I find that my energy and mood is very consistent and even now, as opposed to highs and lows that I used to experience. Also, my recent menstrual cycle was the easiest one I have had in years! This program involves a lot of thought and preparation, and commitment is key. Results happen so quickly, however, that it quickly feels manageable and completely worth it! It only took one week to see significant weight loss. I never want to stop feeling metabolically balanced!