Dr. Vladimir Alhov, MD

“My approach decreases the risk of age-related disease, improves sleep quality, increases physical and sexual vitality, and keeps the body lean and strong. This is accomplished through customized diet and nutritional support, medical detoxification, manual therapy, injections, and patient education.”

Dr. Alhov

Pain affects a great number of people.

Many people living with chronic pain are young, and often unable to work and optimally function during the most productive years of their lives. Much of what Dr. Alhov does is to promote detoxification and alleviate chronic pain. Therapies such as scar injection, prolotherapy, and electrical stimulation of bioactive points, when combined with other modalities we offer, have drastic results in the severity of symptoms and reduction in pain levels for our clients.


Dr. Alhov works with your clinician to develop a program based on your body’s individual needs, helping you find relief from the symptoms of…



Chronic neck and lower back pain








Chronic headaches


Post-surgical pain

pain free people

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